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Our Heroes

Heroes of the Tigra Foundation span the ranks of celebrities, companies and generous individuals. Their contributions give a voice to those without a home and a home to those without a voice. We invite you to explore our celebrity, corporate and individual heroes and learn more about them and the magnanimous spirit they infuse us with. Each has donated at least $100 of value to the Tigra Foundation.

Please consider becoming one of our heroes yourself. You will be giving to a great cause, an organization that sincerely appreciates your contribution and one that does its best to apply all its resources to saving the lives of cats and dogs that are abandoned, homeless, injured and abused. Plus, we will post your profile in the appropriate section below. Simply donate $100 or more. Visit our "Donate" section to learn more.

Celebrity Heroes
Nels Lennarson on the set of "Stargate Atlantis" with his dog, "Change".
I sincerely appreciate working with an animal focused charity which puts so much effort into ensuring donations actually benefit animals in dire need, and not for expenditures like operational costs or executive salaries and bonuses. What I appreciate most is that funds raised will actually make it to the intended animals who need them. The Tigra Foundation is a truly special organization which I am very proud to be a part of. - Nels Lennarson

About: Nels Lennarson has acted in more than thirty feature films including blockbuster films such as Sean Penn"s "The Pledge", the Wayans Brothers' "Scary Movie", James Wong's "Final Destination III", Stuart Townsend's "Battle in Seattle", Joss Whedon's and Drew Goddard's "Cabin in the Woods", "The Traveler" starring Val Kilmer, "Faces in the Crowd" starring Mila Jovovich, "Horns" starring Daniel Radcliffe, and the upcoming "The Nineth Life of Louis Drax". He has also performed in more than forty TV shows including "Supernatural", "Stargate SG1", "Stargate Atlantis", "Psych", "Masters of Horror", "Smallville", "ER", "Sanctuary", and the Scott Free Productions dramatic series, "The Andromeda Strain".
Nature of contribution: Nels is a Celebrity Ambassador of the Tigra Foundation and dedicates substantial time and effort to educate other celebrities about the work that we do and recruit their assistance.
Corporate Heroes
Name: AJ & Kristen Ghergich
Organization: Ghergich & Co.
SEO & content marketing agency
Nature of contribution: AJ & Kristen generously provide financial support to the Tigra Foundation.
Organization: MEP Business Counsel
Michael, Evrensel & Pawar LLP (MEP Business Counsel) is a full-service corporate/commercial and entertainment law firm founded on expertise, ingenuity and collegiality.

MEP Business Counsel was founded by nine lawyers with training and experience from internationally recognized firms in London, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Beijing and Vancouver. At MEP Business Counsel, we recognize the need for innovative solutions to complex problems, paying particular attention to the impact of the new economy, and have structured our business model and our legal services accordingly. We offer the legal skills and expertise of a top-tier national firm with the cost-efficiencies and attentiveness of a smaller practice. MEP Business Counsel is uniquely positioned to provide bespoke legal services, advice and fee structures, all custom tailored to the business imperatives of each of our clients.
Address: 650, 669 Howe Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 0B4
Phone: (604) 669-1119
Nature of contribution: Provides legal services of a significant value to the Tigra Foundation on a pro bono basis.
Organization: Multilink Software Inc.
Nature of contribution: Built and donated the Tigra Foundation website.
Multilink also hosts and maintains the website at no cost to the Tigra Foundation.
Organization: RNet Systems
Nature of contribution: Donates its time to provide complete IT systems support at no cost to the Tigra Foundation.
Individual Heroes
Name: Adelaine Saria
A pharmacist in Winnipeg who is happy to support this cause.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France, French Poet​
Nature of contribution: Adelaine Saria has made a generous financial donation to the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Adrienne Cho
Adrienne came to Vancouver for university and has since settled here, but it was only after she adopted her cat that she truly felt she had made Vancouver her home. Her love of animals has been passed down from her parents, who rescued stray cats and taught kindness towards all living creatures. She states that she is proud to be involved in an organization that advocates for animals that need our help.
Nature of contribution: Adrienne is a volunteer at the Tigra Foundation and has donated significant amounts of her time and effort in helping to run the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Arjun Chehil
Mr. Chehil is a high school student in Vancouver. Mr. Chehil loves animals and is a strong advocate of animal rights.
Nature of contribution: Mr. Chehil generously donates his time to the Tigra Foundation as a Project Coordinator.
Name: Aman Bhangu
Mr. Bhangu is a entrepreneur who strongly believes that our treatment of animals will reflect how we treat each other as people.
Nature of contribution: Mr. Bhangu has made a significant financial contribution to the Tigra Foundation and provides extensive consulting services on a pro bono basis to the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Ankur Arora
Mr. Arora is an entrepreneur who lives and works in the Vancouver area. Mr. Arora is a vocal advocate for animals and enjoys a vegan diet.
Nature of contribution: Mr. Arora has donated a significant amount of personal time, effort and finances towards the establishment of the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Bernd Moller
When Mr. Moller isn't re-building high end race cars, he enjoys relaxing with his Chihuahua. Mr. Moller strongly supports helping animals in need.
Nature of contribution: $100
Name: Cassandra Ariken
Cassandra is a real estate agent in the Greater Vancouver region, she has a deep love for animals and believes in helping them in anyway possible.
Nature of contribution: Cassandra has made a generous financial contribution to the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Greg Chad
Greg is a lifelong animal lover and pet owner. He is a native Vancouverite who now lives in the Philippines along with his Bernese Mountain Dog - Bella.
Nature of contribution: Greg is an animal advocate who contributes financially to the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Jackie Leung
Organization: SHL Leung & Co. Inc., Certified General Accountant
SHL Leung & Co. Inc. is a professional accounting firm providing bookkeeping, tax and financial statement preparation, business consulting, tax and estate planning, all statutory filings etc…
Address: 7428 209A Street, Langley, BC, V2Y 2E4
Phone: 604-534-1388
Nature of donation: Provides pro bono accounting services to the Tigra Foundation.
Larah Villariza
Name: Larah Villariza
Larah is an accountant who grew up in a pet loving family surrounded by dogs. She believes that every animal should be free from cruelty and should be treated with compassion and TLC.
Nature of contribution: Larah generously donates her time and effort by providing pro bono accounting services to the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Marife S. Dangle
I worked at the Philippine Senate for 20 years before immigrating to Canada with my family. My children grew up with three pet dogs back home and we were all saddened that we had to leave them behind and find them a new place. I would like to return to society the same treatment that our pet dogs are enjoying now, and for all the pets that are left behind – to be loved and welcomed again by someone into their lives.
Nature of donation: Marife is a volunteer at the Tigra Foundation and has donated significant amounts of her time and effort in helping to run the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Mo Ahmad
Mo Ahmad is an expert in cross-border tax issues and manages the Vancouver office of Westmark Tax Group.

Mo is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and received his law degree from the University of Toronto. He also sits on the Vancouver Board of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur), an organization dedicated to promoting global entrepreneurship. Mo is married with two kids. In his spare time he enjoys playing squash, cycling and spending time outdoors.
Nature of contribution: Mo donates his time and energy as a director of the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Nikki Forbes
Organization: Action for Animals in Distress Society
Nikki has worked tirelessly to save homeless, abandoned and injured animals for over a decade through her work as the Founder and President of Action for Animals in Distress Society – a registered not-for-profit no-kill animal rescue.
Address: Box# 652, 4974 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H4M9
Phone: (604) 724 7652
Nature of contribution: Nikki donates her time as a member of the Board of Directors of the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Nina Arora
Nina Arora is a retired business person who believes strongly in people helping animals in distress.
Nature of donation: Nina Arora has made a significant financial contribution to the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Susan McKellar
Susan McKellar has resided and worked in the Langley area for many years and can’t remember a time in her life that did not include a dog as part of her family. Currently attached at the heart to a 15 year old cockapoo named Bailey, she is a firm believer in the Roger A Caras quote, "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Nature of donation: Susan is a volunteer at the Tigra Foundation and has donated significant amounts of her time and effort in helping to run the Tigra Foundation.
Name: Tina Mihoc
Tina Mihoc is a former commercial and civil litigator at the law firm of DLA Piper (Canada) LLP. She has been an animal lover her entire life and has raised funds for animal charities both in Canada and in Japan. She has fostered and adopted homeless animals and currently shares her home with her beloved German Shepherd.
Nature of contribution: Tina has donated a significant amount of personal time, effort and finances to the Tigra Foundation and currently serves as its President and Chairperson of its Board of Directors.
Name: Varinder Guraya
Varinder Guraya is a Computer Programmer and Web Designer. He has grown up on a family farm caring for multiple family pets. Currently Varinder is actively involved with loving and nurturing Coco, his family Labrador.
Nature of contribution: Varinder has donated more than 100 hours of his time and effort developing and maintaining the Tigra Foundation website.